With the right charger, SLI battery maintenance is pretty simple; just plug it in and it will do the rest. At Batteries Plus Bulbs, you can choose from our line of Noco Genius® Wicked Smart Chargers™, one of the top-of-the-line battery chargers on the market today, able to intelligently diagnose, recover, charge and maintain batteries. This product line has taken battery charging function, as well as form, to another level. The Genius Multi-Purpose Battery Chargers are perfectly compact and user friendly.

The line of Genius Battery Chargers contains 6 different models. The chargers vary in amperage, offering a wide range of battery charging capabilities. The chargers are all powered by the NOCO Genius VosFX processor, which allows them to be extremely efficient and effective while maintaining a compact form. The chargers share a number of advanced features, including rapid charging technology that charges batteries two times faster than traditional linear battery chargers, as well as built-in safety systems that protect the user, charger and battery.

Since batteries are continually losing energy, even when they are not being used, Genius Battery Chargers can be used to maintain batteries of all sizes, which will extend the life of a battery. Just by regularly plugging your car, motorcycle, A.T.V, boat, tractor, or any other vehicle with an SLI battery into a NOCO Genius Battery Charger, the battery health will be maintained. This will ensure your vehicle’s battery will be ready for use every time it’s started, no matter how long it’s been between uses.

All Genius Battery Chargers have innovative quick connect cables. These cables, along with a variety of available accessories, allow users to conveniently leave wiring-harnesses permanently connected to multiple vehicles. This makes connecting and disconnecting the NOCO Genius Battery Chargers easy and convenient in the mix of everyday life.

CHARGING STEPS for Genius 6/12V chargers

Step 1: Diagnostics
Checks the battery voltage to make sure battery connections are good and the battery is in a stable condition before beginning the charge process.

Step 2: Recovery (Not available on the G750)
Initializes the Recovery process, if needed, for deeply discharged or sulfated (desulfation) batteries by pulsing small amounts of current.

Step 3: Soft Start
Begins Bulk charging process with a gentle (soft) charge.

Step 4: Bulk
The Bulk charging process continues and returns 80% of the battery capacity. Indicated by the 25%, 50% and 75% CHARGE LEDs.

Step 5: Absorption
Brings the charge level to 90%. The battery charger will deliver small amounts of current to provide a safe, efficient charge and limit battery gassing.

Step 6: Trickle
Battery is fully charged and ready to use, indicated by the 100% CHARGE LED being a solid Green. In this step, the battery charger will only deliver enough current that the battery needs. If the battery tells the charger that more current is needed, the battery charger will switch to Maintenance.

Step 7: Maintenance
Continuously monitors the battery voltage to determine if a maintenance charge should be initiated. If the terminal voltage falls below 6.4V (6V) and 12.8V (12V), the charger will start the Maintenance cycle until voltage reaches 7.2V (6V) and 14.4V (12V) and then discontinues the charge cycle. The cycle between Trickle and Maintenance is repeated indefinitely to keep the battery at full charge, without overcharging. The battery charger can be left connected indefinitely.